What I hate about wordpress

WordPress is and will always be my fav and goto solution for all things web. Whether for the small man or a mid large site. When it comes to small webshop solutions, there is literally nothing which can compete with the legendary WooCommerce plugin and its german MarketPress extension. Many plugins like Advanced Custom Fields or Custom Post Type UI make it even more comfortable to deal with any kind of content with the ability of going headless and using the builtin REST api. The capabilities are endless and as much as I love all the features, there are still a few weak spots I’m not that happy with.

People thinkin it’s just a blog

Not my opinion but a common misconception. There are still people who think WordPress is just a blog. It’s kinda funny to hear something about a system which drives more than a third of the web. So you really think all of these sites are just, uhm… blogs? I don’t think so but WordPress still didn’t got rid of this image entirely.

Gallery template

The damn missing gallery template. One would think you could tweak all the output of something that popular like WordPress? So wrong! Some parts are still hard coded into the core. It is possible to filter the default gallery output, but something this important should get its own template. What’s more, it even lacks support for responsive images! Although the core supports them for a long time now, the builtin gallery doesn’t pick it up for whatever reason.

Media management

Oh boy, the whole media lib is basically a one way ticket. Once you upload your pictures you better forget about any uploaded images before. Just like fire and forget. There is no way to store them into folders, like people got used to for years. It assumes all pictures have proper alt texts and descriptions. So you can later on filter them by text or by date. The bad thing is, neither it’s gonna happen nor is it easy to find previously uploaded images again.

Backend pages

As a developer you’ve to take care about the whole backend pages on your own. There is no global array to append to which will render and validate your forms in a consistent and uniform look. It could be a lot easier and this is the point where other frameworks such as TYPO3 or Contao succeed. I don’t wanna mess around with all of it again and again.

Coding standards

I guess WordPress was there before PSR-2 came out or got popular. It has established its own coding style with its own set of tools to use. Pretty well documented, but still weird to use compared to any other PHP framework today.