My frugal battlestation

Just wanted to share my /r/battlestation. Nothing fancy to show off, but I’m kinda proud of the level of frugality I got to compared to the madness I spent before I went to college1. I got nearly all the parts used.

Thinkpad X220

It is a work horse I can rely on and definitely one of the „best bang for the buck“ you can get! It always reminds me of the legendary Viper Mk II from Battlestar Galactica. But also of the car my parents had when I still was a child. Good ol’ Sandy Bridge still does a great job, though I’ve some thermal issues2. The low res screen sucks, not to mention the viewing angles. It is possibly the worst screen I’ve ever worked on. With the 9 cell battery I got up to a 6 hours of battery life. Pretty decent for such an old laptop!

Thinkcentre M73

The tiny one. I’m usually not that much of a fan of it, due to its high price tag. Even for a used one, you’d have to pay a lot more than I got it for. The ultra small form factor looks really cute! It has a Core i3-4130T with an HD 4400, powerful enough to use as file server and for some light gaming3. Not much, but it’s mine!


I got them for cheap af! Didn’t pay more than 30 bucks each, just replaced the bulky monitor stand with desk mounted arms. 24 inch, 16:10 aspect ratio, 1920x1200. Couldn’t be any happier with!


They are both running Arch Linux. No more dual boot. There is no need for. I’ve also switched to SSHDs as my use case won’t require fast flash drives, but a web browser and a text editor. I keep ’em in sync with Syncthing and backup with Borg, but also rsync to external hard drives occasionally. They’re connected to each other via ethernet.



a 1st gen Macbook Pro w/ Retina display and all kinds of software and adapters, an iPad 3, an iPhone 5, a Booq Cobra Pack with napal leather and 1680 ballistic nylon (which broke after only months of usage) and tons of other stuff I couldn’t care less about these days


I would’ve to take down the entire thinkpad for a thermal repaste and get the dust out of the fan. It’d take much time and I’m also scared to do so. So I decided to just disable Intel’s turbo boost feature as a workaround for now.


I only play Robocraft (fastest, 1920x1200) and some CSGO